Zherong County Public Security Bureau seized Shushiji fake health care products

Editor\'s note: the last 2 years, the sustainable development of Adult supplies industry, with the improvement of living standards, many people hope that their sex life can become more exciting and more fun, so Adult supplies in industry has recently become very popular, large and small Adult supplies shops all over the streets, a search on Taobao Adult supplies is splendid to shop, with the development of the industry, the advantage of the loophole, many criminals counterfeit drugs, poor quality of health care products in the online store will appear, to date, Zherong County Public Security Bureau police brigade cracked pin and selling fake drugs. Small make up hope that all Chinese police should vigorously crack down on the illegal elements of these fake health care products, so that we can be more assured of sex! now, large and small shops across health care products, poor quality of high streets and back lanes of counterfeit drugs, health care products have appeared in the shop. The day before, Zherong County Public Security Bureau police brigade uncovered selling counterfeit case. It is understood that in January 14th, the county police brigade in conjunction with the market supervision administration of a health food stores have been raided, seized on the spot involving sexual medicine ten, identified by the Ningde Municipal Food and drug administration, which was identified as counterfeit. In July 28th, based on the previous work on the suspects appearing in court, and on the illegal sale of counterfeit medicines and profit from confessed. At present, the case is under further investigation. Police remind, if the need for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) chemicals and emergency contraception products, it is best to the hospital and prescription to the hospital or regular pharmacy to buy, and use the prescribed. Don\'t buy and use Adult supplies store to sell the so-called \"impotence\" drugs, some drugs will cause harm to the physical and mental health.
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Tenga launches a new massage stick Iroha Zen, the small fresh style captures the hearts of the people

Editor\’s note: the male and female aircraft cup massage stick famous Japan elegant (Tenga) announced that it will launch a tea in the shape of a new Iroha series Iroha Zen massage stick. Recently, the male and female aircraft cup massage stick famous Japan elegant (Tenga) announced that it will …

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2017 of condoms: the strong rise of domestic brands

Editor\’s note: 2017 has turned articles, let Xiao 100 cats take a look at, in the last year we condom history how thick and heavy in colours of a pen! The traditional condoms have been born for more than 160 years, and in these 160 years, the path of condom …

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How to enter the catalogue of Amazon\’s adult supplies and the means of promotion outside the station

Editor\’s note: the regulation of adult products is also very strict abroad. Adult products cannot be searched by keywords, nor can they do any advertisements, which will also lose the traffic advantage of Amazon platform. How to listen to Shenzhen sailo poetry Health Science and Technology Co Ltd is how …