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Abstract: Recently, the freshmen of Guiyang University have been required to attend the lecture hall. In the auditorium that holds more than 400 people, the teacher\'s topic is \"sex\"\". In the PPT courseware, several scenes of \"ambiguous\" pictures make new students feel shy when they first meet this topic. After nearly 1 hours of classes, the freshmen were given a school package. The students opened it, containing a \"into adolescence\" promotional materials and 5 plastic bags. Plastic bags include condoms, birth control plugs, contraceptive membranes, etc.. 0\"If the time is on the AIDS awareness day, Guiyang University issued \"contraception five sets\" may be a lot of calm. During the training, the invitation of Guiyang University health department staff to carry out reproductive health lectures, lack of knowledge of the freshmen Bubu, opened the \"second battlefield\" for students of knowledge propaganda, is really a heart. However, because the release of \"five sets of contraception\", or cause no small controversy, \"absurd\", \"reference\", \"promotion\" words are.Of course, controversy is not a bad thing. After all, there is a platform that can be discussed and presented. It is better than keeping it hidden until the situation is serious. It must be admitted that in school sex education, we really need to make up a missed lesson. Middle school students bear the pressure of college entrance examination, sex education in the most obstacle and talk, partly because the schools do not pay attention to the teacher is not to teach, or do things carelessly; on the other hand, because of the high school students in University under the vision of the ideal, only reluctantly must sell privately about the network or by means of \"University\" (learn about) look, the knowledge understanding is often one-sided and superficial.When there are defects of middle school student \"s knowledge, the transformation of the role of college students, a lot of behavior is not so rational, but such\" consequences \"is quite scary, such as the director of the Academic Affairs Office of Guiyang University said:\" many of the students did not take any security measures in the case of eating the forbidden fruit, and finally to the hospital for abortion to cause serious bodily harm \".Therefore, knowledge of undergraduate course education cannot be not essential embellishment, but also is a \"compulsory\", even the sex education of college students from the school took too much, it does not advocate students to open, but this course should cause enough attention, and should be placed in a prominent teaching position. Of course, the setting of sex education curriculum should pay great attention to the use of text and pictures, and the frequency and importance of sex education courses should also be scientifically considered.Guiyang University issued the \"contraceptive five piece\" approach is somewhat unscientific, because this is all the freshmen as needed to \"save\" the object, after all, for most students, the contraceptive device does not \"make\", from the perspective of words is to encourage students to premarital sex \"suspect\" another way, can meet the students \"needs\", such as setting the automatic device in the campus, let the students \"demand\" needs.The \"students\" and \"sex\" topic together, in the magical adventures of catalytic, often prone to spread \"chemical reaction\", become a hot topic in the community, it is a magic weapon for the media, the website hits brand \"\". It is the consensus of the society that university students should be suitable for their sexual problems. In this regard, the media need to strengthen the positive guidance, rather than making gimmicks.
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sex love
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