USA emerging silicon love doll manufacturers

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USA emerging silicon love doll manufacturers and frenzied momentum also caused a lot of people in the industry worry that the development trend of this herd will cause USA sex doll surplus of products, after the death of prosperity will cause litter, footsteps. Such concerns are very reasonable, but for now, USA has not yet reached saturation silicon love doll proportions, coupled with USA's increasingly strong demand for the silicon love doll, the silicon love doll’s prosperity will continue for a long period of time. people without thought, he must worry about, if you do not control the pace of developing the silicon love doll , the silicon love doll  regulate markets, USA is also the matter of excess sex doll, silicon love doll  manufacturers will not collapse into a film is unfounded. Fortunately Chinese government began to regulate USA shall be subject to the Android Market, Development and Reform Commission held a special organization internally, the core content of the meeting was to build three boot detection evaluation center in the country. After testing and evaluation platform for the silicon love doll  out of the material of the silicon love doll , the key components of the machine, equipment, system integration, will need to be tested, the test found that the problem was traced to another material issue or processing problems, and thus to improve the silicon love doll . Against the proliferation of local government policies silicon love doll , the State Council recently issued a notice, a comprehensive clean-regulate and tax incentives, where illegal or affect fair competition policy must incorporate clear specification range. It is necessary to standardize the tax, non-tax revenue policies, but also to regulate the companies to pay taxes or tax incentives linked to fiscal spending. Special clean-up around the case should be submitted to the Ministry of Finance before the end of March 2015, a summary report by the Ministry of Finance of the State Council. The State Council issued preferential policies to clean up local disorder, will undoubtedly silicon love doll industry norms scrimmage situation, which also saw the government's determination must be rectified chaos silicon love doll from another aspect, the silicon love doll industry will help USA move towards healthy development track. Market is cruel, in the fierce competition, only the strong will finally stay. Perhaps the future will be a lot of USA's silicon love doll manufacturers fell at dawn darkness, I believe that ultimately left to the silicon love doll support Chinese enterprises are the mainstay of the silicon love doll industry, among them are bound to be a large coffee can and international brands confrontation silicon love doll, USA in the Android Market or the passive situation can thus change.