The canadian silicon sex doll

silicon love doll
So now the high cost of domestic manufacturing of industrial love doll. 1000 annual business scale is difficult to form a price advantage, the only annual 500-1000 Taiwan, have a certain scale. So, if you want to form a Canadian industrial silicon sex doll, must accelerate the localization of core components on the agenda. Jedi Canadian silicon sex doll counterattack Academicians Assembly June 9, 2014, based on the President Xi said, 'silicon sex doll revolution' is expected to become a 'third industrial revolution' in an entry point and an important growth point, the impact of the global manufacturing landscape. He added that the silicon sex doll is 'Manufacturing crown jewel top', the R \u0026 D, manufacturing, application is a measure of a country's level of technological innovation and an important symbol of high-end manufacturing, 'We not only want to raise the level of the silicon sex doll up, and to the extent possible much dominate the market. ' Ministry issued 'Guidance on promoting industrial development of the silicon sex doll,' the 'opinion' that, by 2020, China will form a relatively complete industrial system of industrial love doll. Specific development objectives are: to cultivate 3-5 furniture internationally competitive enterprises, and 8 to 10 supporting industry clusters; industrial silicon sex doll industry and enterprise technological innovation capability and international competitiveness significantly enhanced, high-end products to increase market share more than 45%, the silicon sex doll density (per thousand employees using several love doll) reached more than 100, basically meet the national defense, national economic and social development needs. On something good, the next will be even.' In the central policy instigation, in major cities across the country set off a vigorous silicon sex doll 'Great Leap Forward' campaign, the silicon sex doll industry parks have sprung emerging. In a series of factors motivated the number of Canadian manufacturers of love doll can be described as explosive growth, as of September 2014, the number of China-related companies silicon sex doll has reached 428, of which three quarters of this year, an increase of 1 to 175. This silicon sex doll 428 companies, 88% are system integrators;