Inflatable doll Memorial Exhibition: all kinds of exquisite goddesses are here

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Editor\'s note: when it comes to the inflatable doll if you mind that only a vague facial plastic doll, you\'re OUT! The inflatable dolls displayed at the doll Memorial Exhibition in Japan this year are simply beautiful! Well, if you look at the scene, sometimes it\'s impossible to tell which one is real and that\'s the inflatable doll. The inflatable doll today not only in the \"face value\" has improved, even the eyes are also beginning to be designers wondering, so your girlfriend will not always be an expression, it is a deep, melancholy, happy mood. The inflatable doll Memorial Exhibition of \"this love\" and in the venue of the humanoid, in their studies, (clima, Shibuya), the date is May 20th to June 11th during this period, tickets are 1000 yuan, if you have the opportunity to visit, we must look at where to shoot.
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