Condom wrapped meat, Japanese e-book push condom recipes concern

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Content abstract: condom wrapped meat, Japanese e-book push \" condom recipe \" cited concern. 0\"Japanese e-book push \" condom recipe \" cited concern. Figure for condom board.International Online Zhuangao: according to the United States \"Huffington post\" reported on September 25th, condoms can also be brought to the table? This unheard of method of cooking appeared in japan. The day before, a blogger and writer of Japanese frame God kyousuke teamed up to launch \"I want to do for you\" condom cooking ebook recipes, cause people to pay attention to.It is reported that the menu * * 11 condoms, gourmet food, including condoms, meat, condoms, condoms and condoms, cream snails and so on. And the introduction of this alternative cookbook, the author\'s explanation is to make people aware of the importance of safe sex.The proportion of sexually transmitted diseases among young people has risen recently because of the misunderstanding of sexual knowledge in Japanese society, according to reports. According to an article published in the Journal of the Japanese Medical Association, the proportion of sexually active adolescents in Japan has increased since 2000, and the rate of sexually transmitted infections (STDs) and the rate of fetal abortion have also increased at the same time.It is reported that this alternative recipe is now in Japan\'s Amazon Kindle e-book column * * *, each price of $2.99 (about 18.3 yuan). 0\"The move is intended to make people aware of the importance of safe sex, the authors claim.
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