Australian drug development women only 3 menstrual cycles a year, you can use fewer condoms

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Abstract: Australian researchers have developed a can make women a year only three times menstrual medicine, female fertility will not damage the drug, long-term use of contraceptive effect concurrently, when women want the baby just can stop drug...... 0\"Research and development company said: Yaz Flex is completely free to let women * * products, this innovative new packaging allows women to decide whether or when to * *. (data sheet)As a unique physiological characteristic of women, women sometimes embarrass women and cause inconvenience to work and life. However, according to Australia\'s \"Daily Telegraph\" reported on September 25th, Australian researchers have developed a can make women a year only three times * * medicine, women\'s fertility will not damage the drug, long-term use of contraceptive effect concurrently, when women want the baby just can stop drug. Since September 24th, the drug has been sold at major Australian pharmacies, causing a sensation among Australian women, who have expressed willingness to try it.The generic name for the drug is Yaz Flex, formerly a contraceptive pill called Yaz. Like most birth control pills, Yaz does not last long, and high doses of estrogen in the drug can make women lose their ability to conceive. Later, a pharmaceutical research and development company in Australia developed the Yaz and developed it into a new drug that could suppress the virus. The German Bayer pharmaceutical company undertook the production of the drug.The Australian drug can make women for 1 years and only 3 cases forwarded to: Yaz Flex by the box the size of a hand holding, the humble box has the ability to count and control the tablet dispenser, each box of 120 tablets per day, just spit out 3 pills, medication can not eat, eat the same. A no, automatic alarm will ring box until the user drops, obediently medicine.Dr Deborah Bateson, the head of the family planning department at the new NSW Australia family, said the drug \"helped women worry much less.\"\". He said, \"the number of decisions made by women has been a lot less worrying for women. We have done a survey of 10000 people. More than 70% of women are willing to take this medicine.\".\" Reducing the number of women is not harmful to women and can protect women\'s fertility, Deborah said.\"Women have an average of hundreds of times in their lives, and after each sex they thin the walls of the uterus until they disappear, and, of course, women lose their fertility when they disappear.\". Yaz Flex reduces the number of female deaths per year, prolongs women\'s lifetime cycle to some extent, and prolongs the reproductive age of women. The advent of Yaz Flex is good news for middle-aged women who are bent on careers without having children.\"Rod Barber, a professor of Obstetrics and gynecology at a public hospital in NSW, also thinks Yaz Flex is a good medicine. \"Medical studies in many countries have shown that reducing women\'s numbers is safe, but there has been no accepted way to reduce women\'s numbers.\" Yaz Flex provides a good reference.\"Taking Yaz Flex also have side effects, but in the controllable range, for example, will cause headache, nausea, chest tightness, depression, irregular bleeding or blood clots, but medical data show that the probability of occurrence of these side effects is very low.Supplementary reading: * * normal cycle is a few days?* * cycle is a physiological phenomenon for every reproductive age women. It is a cyclical hyperplasia and shedding of endometrium under the action of estrogen. Generally speaking, the length of female cycles depends mainly on the length of maturation of the ovarian follicles. In most women, the luteal phase is the same, about fourteen days or so. If the follicular development is longer, the cycle is relatively longer and, conversely, the cycle is shorter. It is normal for women to have periods of 22~35 days and maintain their own regular patterns, but it is normal to postpone and / or advance one week in a few months or years without sexual activity. In addition, many factors will affect the * *, such as age, about 20 years old, because the hormone level is not stable, * * will advance or delayed, about 30 years old is in a woman\'s life * * the most regular stage, around age 40, * * the length of the cycle began to change, from the 21 day cycle into the 35 day, and then turned into 27 days is normal.In addition, the female cycle is also related to the nutritional status of women. Weight gain, weight gain, and loss of weight may affect the daily cycle. The work life environment, business travel, mood swings, family changes lead to psychological trauma, unhealthy health, inflammation or tumor lesions, etc., may affect the * * cycle
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