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Abstract: a man of taste, always good with the charm of heart to treat everything in our life, find the beauty, and for its use. As Jincheng, always in the most unique way to awaken every city unique soul, for the people in the city to bring a wonderfull life... Original title: Jincheng Happy Town, the definition of happiness in the heart of the interpretation of interestAuthors: Xu Jiepeng, Feng MeijunA man of taste, always good with the charm of heart to treat everything in our life, find the beauty, and for its use. As Jincheng, always in the most unique way to awaken every city unique soul, to bring a wonderfull life for the people in the city.For Jiaxing Haiyan, and Jincheng opportunity, means new vigor and vitality. At the end of last year, Jincheng people came to the city, the land area of 3.08 square kilometers of. Many investigations have been made only to dig into the unique features of the town. After more than 200 days and nights, more than 20 interviews, consultations, dozens of amendments to the program, today presents a unique blueprint for the town of happiness. 0\"Jincheng and / / Yucheng town town government signed a project cooperation agreement / happinessIn July 19th, Jincheng Group happy town project signing ceremony held in haiyan. Haiyan County CPPCC Chairman Cai Zhichang, county development and Reform Bureau Wang Zuli County, by the letter of the Secretary Shi Shuiliang, director of the County Finance Bureau Wang Xiaojun, director of the County Bureau of Commerce Zhu Jianzhong, Haiyan County in the town Party Secretary Xu Shengjuan, the mayor of the town of Zhu Qiliang and other government representatives, Jincheng Group Vice President Gu Deyao line attended the signing ceremony.The ceremony, chairman of the CPPCC Cai Zhichang Haiyan County town project construction and development of happiness to have high expectations: it has the industry\'s core, emphasizes the production, life and ecological integration, combined with the construction of new towns Jincheng Group rich operating experience, will become the supporting point of salt industry and tourism development, will also become the driving economic growth in Haiyan Golden Triangle. 0\"Jiaxing / Zhejiang / sea saltA characteristic town with lasting vitality begins with planning and is held in the industrial chain. Happy town, is to appeal to the tourism industry as the core, and health, education, finance, e-commerce, logistics, import and export as the supporting industry of the whole industry chain feature of the town, the total cost of the project investment amounted to 10 billion yuan.The project site is located in the town of Jincheng happiness in Zhejiang Haiyan Town, composed of R
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sex love
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