Sex doll

Sexy dolls can cause car accidents

This sex shop is called Hustler Hollywood store and is to sell a wide variety of adult products from sex toys to 3d silicone sex doll leg. Only in the past two weeks, the policemen registered eight cases in the vicinity of the accident events caused by these sexy products. …

Sex doll

Another sex life

  Each night, when this 45-year-old Japanese engineer Ta-Bo came home from work and opened the door of Tokyo apartment , waiting for him was not his wife nor his girlfriend, but a row of 3d real girl silicon sex dolls sitting in the sofa. Ta-Bo gave each 3d real …

Sex doll

18 policemen recovered from the floating corpse turned out to be an inflated doll

Thousands of onlookers were salvage floating corpses, and the policemen made great efforts to rescue for one hour and at last the floating corpse was just free shipping beautiful sex doll! Recently, a floating free shipping beautiful sex doll corpse aroused public concern. In Shandong Wendeng, there was a salvage …

Sex doll

Life size silicone 3d sex doll and life of human beings

Stories about life size silicone 3d sex doll lovers vary from people to people. But behind their choice is social phobia that everyone around can be easily found. Nevertheless, these people still buying life size silicone 3d sex doll will be taken for granted and be labeled “freak,” “sexual perversion”. …

Sex doll

An Ukrainian beauty like “inflatable doll” is hot on network

In the network, the beauty is undoubtedly the first class of people for discussion and attraction. And if we can have the look and the figure of  an inflatable doll, we can also conquer the males! The beauty, Valeria (Valeria Lukyanova) coming from the beautiful city, Ukraine Odessa, who has an extremely hot body and  resembles to an inflatable doll, is very hot on the internet.   Valeria was born in August 23, 1985, aged 27, she was claimed to be ” the hottest woman the Russian forum.” Because of Valeria’s exquisite three-dimensional appearance, as well as her large chest and excellent body proportions, Valeria overnight became a popular figure in the network, attracting countless friends and media attention .   Many people follow this girl on her facebook, twitter and other media to show their passion for her! This fantasy girl must be more populous and populous among people.   Read more about inflated-sex-doll

Sex doll

A middle-aged man holding ‘young lovers’ to commit suicide

Scene: A flat inflatable sex  doll under the man. In the afternoon of February 3, Changning Road, Shanghai, a 50-year-old middle-aged man was falling from the 6th floor. Reporters rushed to the incident site, but the man had been taken to hospital. the neighbors told reporters that the man was …

adult industry

Young beauty doing business in adult products

Speaking of adult products market such as (sex toy,realistic 3d sexy doll full silicone,Rabbit Vibrator ) , even practitioners, cannot help but remain silent, because in their view, this industry is something under table. The fact is that in the last five years this industry, the ongoing “rename”, and to …