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Abstract: AIDS prevention and control in China is facing a difficult problem, experts: promotion of condom use is very important... 0\"In October 20th, the 2014 Annual Academic Conference on AIDS prevention was launched in Beijing by the China Association for STD and AIDS prevention. China Center for Disease Control and prevention of STD and AIDS prevention and control center director Wu Zunyou said at the meeting, China\'s AIDS prevention and control still faces two major problems: expanding the detected late still remains a serious problem; MSM (MSM) infection rates continue to rise.Wu Zunyou introduced, since the country to carry out \"Four Frees and one care\" since, AIDS prevention and control work has achieved great success. A new global infectious diseases report published in 2013 pointed out that the rate of new infections and mortality in China is at a low level worldwide. In terms of antiviral therapy, China\'s CD4 cell was less than 200 in 2004 and improved to less than 500 of CD4 cells by 2014, that is, antiviral drugs should be used earlier. The number of CD4 testing increased from 30458 in 2009 to 76240 in 2013. \"Although the scope of detection continues to expand, but found the late problem is still serious.\".\" Wu Zunyou said, in 2009, in all CD4 acceptance test, CD4 less than 200 accounted for 43.8%, while CD4 less than 200 means that is already in the advanced stage, treatment is very difficult. In 2013, this figure still reached 37.8%, while CD4 was less than 500 in 2009, 78.8% in 2013 and 79.8% in. At the same time, sentinel surveillance results showed that the HIV infection rate in the MSM population increased from 0.9% in 2003 to 7.3% in 2013.Wu Zunyou said that the two to crack the problem should be targeted to increase the early detection of AIDS awareness, to mobilize the strength of social organization, increase detection efforts for the high-risk groups; recommended HIV testing routine; epidemic characteristics of AIDS in China propaganda, strengthen the follow-up management of infection, reduce the risk of sexual behavior and the two generation communication increase; intervention, including the promotion of condoms and HIV detection.The results of the sentinel survey in the MSM group showed that between 2008 and 2013, the rate of condom use was less than half that of the group in the last 6 months, so it was important to promote condom use.\" Wu Zunyou says.Mrs. Xi Jinping, President of the WHO and goodwill ambassador for tuberculosis and AIDS prevention, Peng Liyuan attended the meeting and presented commemorative medals to foreign scientists who made special contributions to AIDS prevention and treatment. Wang Peian, deputy director of the national health and Family Planning Commission, and President of the China Association for STD and AIDS prevention and control Zhang Wenkang attended the meeting.
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