2014 Berlin adult show VENUS, live audience _1

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Abstract: when developing new customers, your marketing initiatives must always be around the client company\'s CEO, CFO, CIO, and other senior executives to carry out, which is very important. Only these people nodded, you may have to do a big deal, the company and the customer to maintain long-term relationship... Editor\'s note: in the development of new customers, your marketing initiatives must always customers around the company\'s CEO, CFO, CIO and other senior management personnel to start, this is a very important point. Only if these people point their heads, you may be able to make big deals with your client company and maintain long-term relationships. Customer oriented company \" C\" sales of word level executives, no general methods and techniques can be used. Your sales staff should first grasp the psychology of senior customers. If you are a top executive, you can help them understand how executives make decisions and help them improve the success rate of signing. Titles with \" C\" words of success, such as CEO, CFO, CIO, etc., is the most sought after sales target. As long as executives have taken the lead, the door of the client company will open for you. If you want to make a big deal with your client company and maintain a long-term relationship, they are undoubtedly the key. It\'s not easy to get to know the top executives of your business, but it\'s definitely worth the effort. You can join elite clubs or become masters of golf. After you finally get your first promotion to executives, you\'ll find that the situation is quite different from the usual referrals. First of all, the conversation must be brief and specific because the top managers have a very tight schedule. Second, you have to show them quickly that you understand the concerns of managers at their level and can solve problems such as those discussed at the company\'s board of directors. You must also have a detailed knowledge of the company\'s business, which is obvious. In addition, you\'ll need to know more about the industry, especially the market position of the company your senior target customer is hosting. If handled properly, your preparation will pay off. In addition to approving all big sale contracts, \" C\" word level managers can also open Sexy stocking half body sex doll
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